6336B JAN

490.00 kr

Kraftig dobbel triode. Totalt 60 Watt anodetap.
Aktuell i OTL konstruksjoner i stedet for 6AS7 og 6080.

Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935
Filament Vf 6.3 Volts / If 4.75 Ampere / Indirect / Parallel, (AC/DC)
Low mu twin triode, intended as series regulator in power supply circuits. 30W or 400mA per plate, 60W total. Hard glass bulb. The tube can replace two 6080s in parallel.
Chatham, GE, Raytheon, RCA,
Sylvania, Tung Sol some of the manufacturers.

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